Skin and Nail Treatments


Skin and nail treatments are an incredibly important service for a wide variety of people ranging from men and women with cracked heels, athletes with fungal infections and older adults who cant reach their feet to care for their nails safely. It includes people that are having issues with thick skin or nails, corns, damaged nails, warts, Tinea or “Athletes Foot” and splinters or other foreign bodies embedded into the foot amongst many other issues that we treat daily.


A Skin and Nail appointment can generally be broken down into 3 parts


Assessing and Diagnosing


After taking an extensive medical history, the Podiatrist will perform physical and visual assessments to check for the presence of any corns, calluses, fungal infection, warts, sin infections, cracked heels, dry skin, fungal toe nails or damaged areas of skin and nails that may be present.


As part of this, the Podiatrist will often assess the blood flow to your feet and test the sensation in your feet with a variety of advanced assessment techniques that may shed light on the health of the feet and guide their treatment.




The second element of this appointment is the physical treatment. This is the hands on work of cutting, filing, thinning and shaping the nails, the physical debridement and removal of calluses, corn or lesions and the application of creams or other topical agents.


Our Podiatrists have exemplary hands on skills and provide the most effective work and aesthetically pleasing results which leaves our patients feeling like they are walking on air.


Advice and Aftercare


Following the hands on treatment the Podiatrist will give advice on how best to care for your feet going forward. This may include advice on self care, nail cutting techniques, skin care, footwear advice and anything else deemed necessary.


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