00 Orthotics made by exceptional podiatrists in Sydney CBD & Darlinghurst


What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are customised devices that sit underneath the foot and inside the shoe to support and improve foot function and lower leg mechanics.

When required, they are prescribed after an extensive biomechanical analysis where your
Podiatrist has recognised abnormal foot and leg mechanics that are contributing to your injury or
imbalance. One typically uses these in conjunction with an individualised strength and
rehabilitation plan to help them reach their goals faster.


How do they work?

Orthotics redistribute pressure and change forces that are contributing to an injury or weakness. When used correctly, they improve athletic performance and increase day to day comfort.


Why choose our Podiatrists to make your Orthotics?

Our Podiatrists are expertly trained and have extensive experience in using orthotics to treat a wide range of conditions. Additionally, we use the latest technology and precision 3D foot scanning to design and make your state of the art orthotic for maximum efficacy and comfort. Further to this, we work with you to tailor your orthotic to your individual needs.


Orthotic Frustration and our Orthotic Difference

We hear countless stories of frustration and disappointment from individuals that are given hard, rigid, bulky and uncomfortable orthotics that are impractical to use and provide minimal to no improvement.

We pride our self on the ability to design and make low profile, slim and comfortable orthotics that fit seamlessly into dress shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes alike.

The way in which we design an orthotic is to support the natural movement of the foot. This means that the muscles of the foot and ankle can work seamlessly with them and ensures that your orthotics are working with you as your body moves efficiently through the gait cycle.

At Performance Podiatry we reiterate that not everyone requires orthotics, and for those that will benefit from using them, they won’t be a life sentence.


Orthotics can help with many different injuries, including but not limited to:

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