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Running Technique and Training for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

With just over two weeks until the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, our runners should be well and truly underway with their training schedules and race planning. Essential to reduce the risk of injury during and after the run is a solid game plan and preparation.

Performance Podiatry Sydney podiatrist, Hayley Thawley, has been taking Sydney CBD clients to Hyde Park or along Macquarie Street to assess their running technique, looking for flaws that might predispose to injury or impact negatively on race time.

When changing running technique we are aiming to:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Enhance performance by improving running times
  • Utilise the correct muscles to protect joints

At Performance Podiatry we want our runners to be able to run into their older ages if they wish. To be able to do this, running technique is key. Often we will advise on small changes to things such as:

  • Foot placement
  • Muscles being utilised
  • Stride length
  • Cadence or pace

This may be combined with a strengthening program to get the supporting muscles for the feet, legs or pelvis into shape and balanced.

If you are unsure about your running technique, are looking to improve your running time or if you have a persistent injury that is exacerbated by running, make an appointment to see a sports podiatrist to discuss your concerns.

Hayley and I will be at the Sydney Half Marathon stand at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday May 14 to assist with footwear fitting at the Rebel Sports stand. We will also be there to give advice to competitors that have any last minute queries.

Good luck if we don’t see you before race day!

Laura RabjohnsRunning Technique and Training for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon