High Foot Arches

High Foot Arches (Pes Cavus, “tripod foot”) can come with as many problems as a flat foot. Due to the rigid nature of the foot, shock absorption can be an issue.

High Foot Arches can cause issues such as:

  • chronic ankle instability and sprains,
  • peroneal tendinitis
  • balance problems
  • plantar fasciitis
  • and ankle pain
  • knee pain
  • back pain

If you have high arches you could benefit from Orthotics.

Most patients with high arches don’t usually see a need for orthotics until later in life but the additional foot and arch support from Orthotics will provide arch support to help with their condition.

Initially an assessment is required to determine the correct treatment.

  • Footwear assessment – ensure your shoes have good cushioning and arch support
  • Recommend silicone or felt pads to relieve pressure off painful areas
  • Control body weight to decrease load on your feet
  • Treat joint range with foot and ankle joint manipulations
  • Recommend Orthotic devices to provide support for stressed joints and soft tissues.
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