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6 Fun Facts about Foot Neuromas

Fact # 1: Mortons Neuroma is the name given to a neuroma located between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. 75% of isolated neuromas occur here, while in the case of multiple neuromas, nearly 100% involve a Mortons neuroma.

Fact # 2: 65% of foot neuroma’s occur as an isolated, single neuroma. The remaining 35% of cases involve multiple nerves.

Fact #3: Neuromas usually follow a progression of degeneration. They start out as mild nerve irritation that is relieved by removing or changing shoes. Over time the nerve becomes thicker and these changes can become permanent.

Fact #4: Imaging a neuroma can be achieved via ultrasound. This can be bulk billed using a referral from your podiatrist (in Australia). However, an ultrasound is rarely required as a thorough physical examination will expose the cause of pain.

Fact #5: A “stump neuroma” is the scar tissue that can remain after surgical excision of a neuroma. Up to 35% of patients who have had Mortons neuroma surgery end up with unacceptable levels of post-surgical pain.

Fact #6: Factors contributing to the development of foot neuromas can be varied. No two feet are the same and so all factors and many treatment options need to be considered.

Laura Rabjohns6 Fun Facts about Foot Neuromas